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POEM DROPS – POEM CAR IN THE CITY The Poem Car of Andaxínház appears in different places of the town inviting passers-by to sit and listen to poems told by an actor in the car, in order to bring Hungarian contemporary poetry closer to the wider public.

On Rainbow Fields

On Rainbow Fields poems with music for children, parents and companions Művelődési Szint (MÜSZI) 5. pm (Sunday) 24 February, 2013 The concert is primarily for children. The core of our repertoire are Finnish poems for children and songs composed for the lyrical poems of Mihály Simai, a writer-poet from Szeged. Suitable for children over 5. [...]


Access Disappearances – appearances, the passing through the in and out. Emerging from the self, following one’s own trace, diving into the depth. Journey from the shaky outer beingness into the inner while the outside is gazing the vibration of the soul. The ’I’ is always changing, it keeps moving. The ’I’ is an illusion, [...]


The Hiders – dance performance with live jazz music. Bertolucci motives – The performance is based on the film ‘The Last Tango in Paris’. Ritual dance without an encounter. It is about two people running away from themselves. They are hiding. The woman is in fear, and the man is in fear, of the risk [...]

Latest plays

The Concealers – Last Tango in Paris THEALTER – International Meeting of Free Theatres Szeged20 to 24 July 2011 Hiding. Two thirsty souls. The female is fearing , the man is fearing to, because the other can take advantage the creation of bond. How easy would it all, if they accept that love with tender [...]

Andaxínház in ‘Színházi Korzó’

Andaxínház will be located in the ‘Színházi Korzó’ on the morning of September 18 from 10 am to 10 pm on Andrassy Avenue.


Following their conception started in 2009, the Andaxínház invited young collaborative artists to think together, giving an oppurtinity for them to evolve and to analyze the possibilities of the relation of different art forms. In ’Reflections’ dance performance the artists create a current experimental situation, which is exposed to change and modification. The mirror reflections [...]

2-1/16 millimetre

a grain of sand is 2-1/16 millimetre Our performance is about the loneliness of the body and soul. The soul looks around in the world and sees the other person. From this point his searching concentrates on the other. The soul believes that the only way to join the ‘humankind as a whole’ is to join only [...]

Not to be afraid

Not to be afraid of: There’s nothing to be afraid: this is not only the most effective encouragement, but the biggest fear, too. Sounds from the silence. The sounds, the images are formed in us, but somehow it too. Along breath, which is progressing through the visions and transformations.


Accentuated hungarian participation at the Madrid Theatre Night 2010th Madrid, March 27, a guest of “La Noche de los Teatros” festival. In the Centro Cultura Eduardo Úrculo theater we interpeted the 2-1/16 mm dance performance under the Night of the theaters.  

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